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Tree Transplanting in Spring 2020

Holt 110

Treemendous Tree Sales and Transplanting service in Clinton, Ontario has geared up for another season of green beautification in southern Ontario.  While the COVID-19 challenge has given everyone reason to pause, planning your outdoor improvements can still take place while we await better times.

With its new website, Treemendous is now able to show you more new landscaping possibilities to beautify your home with trees of every size and variety. 

Upcoming Events and COVID-19

In these uncertain times we await the resolution of the viral crisis. 

We support and applaud the efforts of our front line workers and government at this challenging tme. 

While plenty of events are in the planning stage, we await the "all clear signal" and will publish events at that time.

Take care... 


Hardwood Floor Refinishing

dustless hardwood floor refinishing

Homeowners in Huron County, Ontario have a new cost effective and dustless option to restore hardwood floors. Older homes in such places as Goderich, Bayfield, Exeter, Clinton, Seaforth and Wingham display their Victorian elegance to the outside world.  However, on the inside, the once magnificent hardwood flooring has been covered up by carpets which now need to be replaced. Instead of recovering your floor, have you considered restoring your home’s old hardwood charm? 


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